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All right so here we go with one of my favorite affiliate programs.

What I'm going to talk about here is an affiliate program that you can get plugged into and it can be a complement to literally anything that you're promoting and it's basically how I'm using the affiliate
program. I'm promoting it passively.

You can also promote this directly.
You know the difference between passive and direct so if you're out there driving traffic directly to something that is direct and
you're promoting that directly.

Now if you're promoting something
passively then this is on the back
end and this is something that
your subscribers see after they've
already opted in to your main opportunity.


You can promote this
directly if you don't have
any products of your own or if you don't have any opportunities that you're promoting right now this is something that you could go out and you could promote directly.

This is something that I've added.

This all started because if you've been on my list for any amount of time if you followed me for any amount of time you know that I only recommend things that I actually use and purchased before so if I'm gonna recommend you software its
software that I currently use.

 if I'm gonna recommend an affiliate
program or if I'm gonna recommend a product it's something that I've purchased from a certain let's say vendor who offers products I'm already going to have purchased from that person before or
that product before and know that the quality is high. I'm never going to blindly promote you anything
just let that be known anything that I ever recommend to you I am currently using or have used.

So this is how I came across this affiliate program.

Before I even considered becoming an affiliate I was a customer and
so this affiliate program is called $5
Friday now $5 Friday is a site by
Frank Andris.

What Frank has done and what
he does with five-dollar Fridays is he goes out and he purchases licensed rights to the best and hottest products.

We're not talking about old software products that are PLR or anything like that we're talking about
the hottest products to hit the internet.

New products and new launches usually with these products just so you understand a lot of these products they offer resell rights so when you purchase license
rights you then have the ability to
resell that software.

 Now what Frank does
is he purchases the license rights and he then resells it to his audience for a massive discount I mean it's been many times that I purchased software and
then a week later a $5 Friday was coming out and I had purchased the software for you know probably $49 on the front end and then I got an upsell for $97 spent well over $100 and I could have gotten everything that I purchased for well over $100 for $5.00.

So what he does is he gets licenses to these products and then he resells them for a very very affordable price and so this is some of the best value that I've ever seen on the net. We're talking high-quality
software that will help you get
traffic software that'll help you get
more sales get more leads all types of tools all types of new products that are coming out Frank is actually getting the license rights and allowing his audience to get them for a fraction of the price.

It's like if you're in the U.S. you may have heard of the Dollar Store or Dollar General and stores like that well they actually have knockoff products but what Frank
actually does is he has those same
discount prices but there's still
top-notch products there's still the
products that people are paying hundreds of dollars for elsewhere if they only knew about $5 Friday they'd be able to get them for a fraction of the price.

There's been more than once that I've actually bought a launch bought a product from a launch and then a week later Frank came out with a $5 mega deal and I was kicking
myself because I missed it so
after I started becoming a customer
for $5 Friday I naturally wanted to
become an affiliate so I reached out
to Frank found out he had an affiliate program immediately signed up.

Now the interesting thing is the
majority of these commissions as I say are passive so I'm going to show you what that means in my next blog.